Friday, June 19, 2009

AusPat v1.3 Enhancements

IP Australia has announced the release of AusPat v1.3, the new web-based Australian patent database that replaced the PatSearch system in early 2008. AusPat v1.3 enhancements include (quoting from the release memo):
  1. "e-Journal functionality has been incorporated into AusPat with the introduction of a new search field (called “Publication”) allowing users to search by Publication Action and Journal* Range.
  2. The “Acceptance Published Date” search field has been removed. To search for applications by Acceptance Published Date use the new “Publication” search field.
  3. Search and display of limited publication history for PATADMIN applications.
  4. Ability to launch electronic Journal.*
  5. Link to add AusPat to Instant Search Box for users with IE 7."
* The Australian Official Journal of Patents