Thursday, April 28, 2011

Patents for a Royal Wedding

Since an estimated 2 billion people will watch Prince William marry Kate Middleton tomorrow, I thought a royal wedding themed patent story was in order.

Flowers play a prominent role in weddings, so I searched for plant patents named for members of the royal family. Sure enough, in 1987, Thomas Watson of Wisconsin received three plant patents for varieties of Amelanchier, a shrub, which he named in honor of Prince Charles (PP6,039), Princess Diana (PP6,041) and Prince William (PP6,040).

Lowell Hoy of Indiana patented a new variety of rose named "Lady Diana" (PP5,360) in 1983.  

And in 1999, Robin Marks of Aylesbury, UK filed a plant patent application (2001/0100101) for a dahlia variety named Diana, Princess of Wales.

There are no plant patents named in honor of Kate Middleton, but I suspect that we'll be seeing some soon.